Africa Union Launches Academy to Foster Leadership Skills

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African Union (AU), has recently launched its leadership academy as part of efforts to foster leadership skills among African Leaders.

According to Amine Idriss Adoum, African Union Commission Director for administration and human resource management, the newly launched African Union Leadership Academy (AULA) is expected to train African leaders in leadership skills in order to support the implementation of African Union strategic priorities and aspirations.

“The African Union Leadership Academy started operations earlier this year. One of the main objectives of the academy is to develop African Union leaders’ skills in planning and execution of projects as well as management and, in turn, this will encourage the spread of AU values,” he said.

Outlining the role of the academy, Adoum said it will not only be instrumental in helping the commission achieve Agenda 2063, but will also ensure flexibility in the execution of complex duties within the Commission.

According to the Commission, the realisation of AU priorities and aspirations requires a specialised learning agency that is abundantly dedicated to competence development, innovation and learning support towards results-oriented execution of programmes through different but relevant modes of learning.

The project will facilitate the development of professional skills of AU staff members for effective policy design and workplace efficiency that would create a high level Pan-African learning and development agency, driving capacity building solutions to challenges of managing the process of realization of Agenda 2063.


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