Twenty-nine African entrepreneurs are currently in China, attending e-commerce training program organised by Alibaba and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The participants who were selected from over a thousand applicants, are involved in e-commerce, science and technology finance and logistics.

They would also experience a tour of Cainiao’s warehouses, a partner of Alibaba, exchanges with Chinese e-commerce entrepreneurs and field research for rural e-commerce.

Roy Borole, a South African, made a remark about amazed he was by the rapid development of China’s digital world. Borole, 30, launched an online marketing company in 2017 and said he would bring back the experience he learned in China for his enterprise, such as balancing the ratio of his male and female employees.

The Vice- President of Alibaba and leader of the program, Huang Mingwei, stated that Africa is experiencing what China faced over 10 years ago.

“The experiences of Chinese businesses may provide a reference for them, and likewise, China should learn from African countries for their high internet penetration rates,” said Huang Mingwei.