Arik Air Sponsors Enugu Day Fundraiser in Maryland, USA with Two round trip tickets to Nigeria

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We are proud to announce that Arik Air, a Nigerian owned international Airlines, has agreed to sponsor our Enugu State Association Washington DC Domestic Violence Fundraiser with two (2) round trip tickets for a winner and a companion to travel from New York to any domestic Nigerian destination serviced by Arik Air, via Lagos.” reported Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo, the Public Relations Officer for the Enugu State Association Washington DC branch.

“We truly appreciate this noble gesture from Arik Airlines as they have just recently sponsored our Enugu State Reunion Cookout last summer, 2013 in Maryland USA.” said Harrison.

On May 17th, 2014, the Enugu State Association (ESA), Wash DC branch, will be having a Fundraiser Gala to increase awareness to the issue of domestic violence and abuse of women in Nigeria and more specifically, Enugu State, Nigeria. In addition to raising this awareness, the major goal of the fundraiser is to provide financial recourses that will improve the overall quality of life of the battered, widowed and disenfranchised women that are currently living and utilizing the services of a WACOL ran Woman’s shelter currently located in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.

The ESA is partnering with WACOL, (Women’s Aid Collective ), in carrying out their mission of providing free shelter , to job training, dispute resolution, advocacy, free legal and financial aid for battered women and their children. Most of these local impoverished women and their children have suffered human rights violations and require intra familial conflict resolutions. The Founding Director of Women Aid Collective, Dr Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, will also be in attendance at the Enugu Day fundraiser, and will speak at the event.

In addition to Arik Air’s commitment to sponsor the ESA Domestic Violence Fundraiser, other prominent African owned businesses in the Washington DC area and beyond have stepped up to assist in sponsorship, donations and contributions.
Most notably, Travelling Chix Mobile spa, a Nigerian owned spa business in the Maryland metro area. They Travelling Chix President, Ms. Oby Nwaogbe, will who is a licensed Esthetician, will be on hand with two assistants at the ESA Domestic Violence Fundraiser to providing free back and hand massages to patrons during the event.

Vomoz, a low rate international calling service , also ran by a Nigerian, Mr. Alex  Kunle Ayankoya , in Maryland, will also be at the event running various contests, games and giving away lots of prizes and plenty of other items for patrons attending the ESA event .
“This is going to be a very epic night for all who attend,” said Harrison Nwozo, ESA, PRO ” not only do you have a chance to win a pair of free round trip tickets to Nigeria, but you will be treated to a voluptuous and scrumptious dinner, the soulful music of award winning Nigerian artist Tolumide, you will dance all night to great music from international DJ , KC Soundclash, enjoy paparazzi and red carpet treatment from Range Photography, there will be an open bar of assorted drinks and refreshments.”
Besides the amazing Dr. Joy Ezeilo, founding Director of WACO, ” Harrison continued, “we will have the pleasure of hearing from another extraordinary guest speaker, Chief/Dr. Ifesinachi Ugwuonye, a philanthropist and current Founder and CEO of Sinachi Foundation that provides scholarships for underprivileged girls in Nigeria.”

” In addition to everything I just mentioned, the icing on the cake is the fact that our lovely wives, aunties, sisters of Enugu State will be putting on an amazing Enugu Women’s Traditional Dance! Trust me, you do not miss this event!” Harrison exclaimed.
“Domestic violence can never be eliminated from society unless society refuses to tolerate it. This will require an internal change in the basic nature of society world over, beginning with the recognition of the worth of every human being as an individual.”, said Mr. Paul Anuigo, President of Enugu State Association Washington DC. ” We the members of Enugu State Association WDC are calling on our dear families, friends, and well wishers to join us in the fund raising to embark on this great task. I would like to thank specifically those Enugu State Association members, who are going over and beyond the call of duty, for their support, my friends who are traveling from all over the world to come and support the ESA Domestic Violence project, and most especially our wives, our Enugu women who have taken upon themselves to lend a huge helping hand to make sure this event is a huge success.

We are doing this for the future and current generations. For our daughters, our sisters, our cousins, and women in general. Letr them know that there are men out there who care about them and love them and are wholly against all forms of domestic violence.

I, Paul Anuigo, am honored to be on the right side of history. ”

Below are the details of the fundraising gala:

Enugu State Gala and Fundraising Night
Date: Saturday, May 17th 2014
Venue: Hampton Conference Center
207 West Hampton Place
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Time: 9pm – 3am
Donation: Couples $50, Single attendees, $30.

Contact for sponsors, vendors, brochure advertisers, media, etc.
Paul Anuigo, 240-552-5966 ,
Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo ,  Jr., 301-793-6430,

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