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Voices of Change: Survivors of Female Genital Mutilation

“We have to break the silence, silence is what allows FGM practice to continue,” these were the exact words of renowned campaigner, Jaha Dukureh. Dukureh is a mother, a Female Genital.

South Africa’s Safety Net Challenges

South Africa’s social safety net, designed to protect vulnerable populations from poverty and deprivation, faces formidable challenges that threaten its efficacy and sustainability. Throughout the region, it’s estimated that from.

Beyond Football: Vinicius Junior’s Anti-Racism Stand

At the age of sixteen, a video surfaced of Vinicius Junior being racially abused by a fan during a youth match.  This incident, a stark reminder of the prejudice he would.

Labour Rights Debates in Africa: Balancing Growth and Worker Protections

Across Africa, the discourse surrounding labour rights is on the rise as countries try to breach the delicate balance between economic growth and ensuring adequate protections for workers. From debates.

Border Disputes is Impacting Trade Across Africa

Africa’s economic potential is hindered by persistent border disputes, strangling the continent’s ability to realize its trade aspirations. From longstanding territorial disagreements to emerging conflicts fueled by political tensions, these.

Calls for Fair Elections Echo Across Tunisian Streets

Tunisia once celebrated for its strides toward democratic governance, now faces a challenging chapter in its political journey. President Kaïs Saïed’s unorthodox maneuvers, including the dissolution of Parliament in 2021.

Ethiopia’s Drive to Empower Women in Farming Communities

For centuries, Ethiopian agriculture has been a pillar of the nation’s economy and culture. However, despite their immense contribution, women have traditionally faced significant barriers in this vital sector.  They.

Combatting Inequality Across Africa

Despite remarkable economic growth in many African countries over the past few decades, a significant portion of the population continues to grapple with poverty, marginalization, and limited opportunities. Inequality has.

How Welcoming Is Africa to Global Travelers?

With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Africa has long been a magnet for travelers seeking adventure, discovery, and connection. Yet, for many potential travelers, a question.