Opposition lawmaker and musician Bobi Wine has officially announced he will run for president in Uganda’s 2021 election. Ugandan pop star turned politician Bobi Wine has officially announced he’ll run for president in 2021. Directly challenging the incumbent Yoweri Museveni – in power for more than three decades.

Wine, whose birth name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has rattled Museveni’s government with his fast-growing support base since joining politics two years ago. His reggae and rap ballads have earned him fans across East Africa. And he’s one of the top earning musicians in Uganda.

But it’s been his growing popularity as a politician and a prominent critic of Museveni that has caused significant waves.

On Wednesday, he announced his candidacy, appeared no different from his usual self. He later held the meeting at his home in Kampala. Declaring his willingness to lead Ugandans in an effort to, “usher our country into a new era of freedom and justice.”