Emir of Kano and former Governor of the Central Bank, Mohammadu Sanusi II says the idea of Boko Haram aligning themselves with international terror group, ISIS is frightening. He said this in an interview with CNN’s Chief Correspondence, Christine Amanpour which aired last night.

“The idea of Boko Haram or anyone aligning themselves with ISIS is frightening partly because these are groups that represent a lunatic fringe in Islam and who are very ruthless. We have had more than six years of Boko Haram , about 15,000 people dead, prospects of them getting financial support, military support from a group as ISIS basically frightens all of us” he said

The Emir said he is not scared of being killed if that would be the ultimate prize to pay to have peace return to the North East. According to him, he has achieved all he wants to achieve…

“First of all if I had a way of knowing what would happen if Boko Haram took my life they would stop killing people in Nigeria, then I will give up my life. I have nothing else to live for. I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I think the important thing is for every Muslim leader to speak up and for the Muslims to let the world know that this is not Islam, for the society not to accept them and for the society not to give them accommodation. for the state to protect the people to the best of its ability and for their genuine grievances to be addressed” he said

He also spoke on the $20 billion he alleged was missing from the coffers of the NNPC. Watch the full interview here


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