ChefDirect a mobile centric B2B app that enables food service professionals and businesses to source fresh local produce directly from the farmers has debuted in South Africa. 

“For the first time in South Africa, farmers are able to sell their produce directly to food service professionals through a social media platform.” This is according to Lance Gibbons, CEO of ChefDirect SA, which yesterday launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Uprise.Africa, to grow their platform. 

ChefDirect is the tech disruptor the farming community have been waiting for. The app understands the needs of the farmer and the end-user. It takes into account three vital concepts: geolocation technology, buyer base and marketing platform. 

ChefDirect stands out because they use modern technology, and are bridging the gap by using the smart phone to benefit farming communities. ChefDirect is empowering the farmer as it is the great connector with the biggest buying community in the country, with over 6000 active users with access to 12000 buyers on the app. 

This game-changing native app was developed by ChatFind Limited for SA Chef Media, the official voice of the South African Chef Association, and publisher in the industry for over 15 years. Their aim is to close the gap between farmers and food professionals which promotes healthy, diverse, sustainable local food systems. 

All the benefits of modern technology are now available to the farmer without any of the hassle. ChefDirect allows you to: Dictate how your own produce will be sold; Cut costs and time to market; Remove barriers to entry. 

There are also a myriad of benefits for the buyer, such as: Access to the freshest produce closes to them; Great deals and specials each week; The ability to create a preferred network of suppliers at the touch of a button. 

Chef DIRECT has published an invitation for  investors on Uprise Africa, the first Equity Crowdfunding platform for South Africa, where they are asking for R5 million in exchange for 15.5% equity in the business. 

Investors are invited to visit where they can make a pledge from as little as R1000 for an opportunity to own part of this business at this early stage. Investors will also be able to trade their shares on ZARX when the campaign raises a minimum of R3.5 million.