Chinese Medical Team Brings Health to People in Lesotho

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By Wan Yu, People’s Daily


Thanks to China’s medical aid, Lesotho, one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, has witnessed improved health conditions. Chinese doctors now working in a hospital in Leribe, northern Lesotho are a good example that showcases China’s contribution.

To better serve local residents, the 12th batch of Chinese medical workers sent to Lesotho transferred to the remote Motebang Hospital from their previous stationary point in the relatively developed capital Maseru.

Such move put an end to the time for local people in the mountainous area who had to take hours of horse-riding or walk to see a doctor due to the uneven distribution of medical resources and poor transportation.

As the largest public hospital in northern Lesotho, the Motebang Hospital had only 9 general doctors before their arrival, and the Chinese medical team became a major force after joining the team.

They also made medical tour to other hospitals in remote regions of the country to offer high-quality services.

In less than a year, the seven Chinese specialist physicians from Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province, have gained a good reputation among the locals thanks to their outstanding skills and ethics, making huge contribution to improving Lesotho’s medical and health services.

The Chinese medical team has shown the locals the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to team leader Xu Xunhua, they received only 12 patients on the first day of one medical tour to a village, but 108 came on the last day, asking for acupuncture therapy and keeping all the team members busy.

Acupuncture has an amazing effect on pain alleviation, and Chinese doctor Zhao Xin has earned a nickname “pain killer” because of this.

“Thanks a lot to Zhao,” said Hart, who had suffered from lumbar diseases-led lower limb weakness for 4 years. Her symptom has been greatly relieved after two weeks of acupuncture treatment. Other patients also gave thumbs-up to Zhao as Hart expressed her gratefulness.

The hospital receives 30 to 40 patients each day, who hope to see Chinese doctors even if they need to wait for a long time, said Zeck, a local doctor of the hospital and also a translator for the Chinese doctors.

The locals appreciate the diligence of the Chinese doctors and consider them part of the hospital and the local community.

“Thanks very much to the Chinese medical team for their selfless dedication and the huge assistance they have offered,” said director of the hospital and head of local health office.

The director added that the Chinese doctors’ excellent medical skills have greatly improved the medical level of the hospital and provided better medical services to nearby residents. People in other regions of the country also come to see the Chinese doctors.

Lesotho Prime Minister Thomas Motsoahae Thabane spoke highly of the Chinese medical team’s contribution to his country during a visit to the hospital, saying that the Chinese government and Chinese medical teams are bringing the precious gift of health to people in Lesotho.

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