Corporate Zambia Presses The ‘On’ Button

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A new government, new technology and science ministry, and a renewed pledge to grow business from within Zambia are quickly promoting business confidence.  After a few sluggishly unproductive years, when economic uncertainty prevailed, corporate Zambia is now busy fuelling the country’s future prosperity and has replaced its former caution with a solid commitment to expansion and growth.  This coincides with the new government’s focus on supporting economic growth through digital transformation.  Testimony of this is that, in the last quarter of 2021, Paratus Zambia witnessed a boom in connectivity sales and an unprecedented level of interest in its new Data Center facilities.

“Businesses are increasingly realising that to compete and do business at the leading edge, they must have excellent data security, back-up, and hosting supported by quality connectivity”, explains Marius van Vuuren, Country Manager of Paratus Zambia. “Without investing in these elements, they will not be part of the digital transformation needed to do business in the world today. 

“We are also being urged to build Zambia from within and this automatically invokes a great sense of national pride and presents us with a very welcome challenge to see how we can support business growth. We are closely aligned with the government’s technology and science vision, and we had the foresight to build the necessary infrastructure to take Zambia into a digitally transformed new way of working.  Our Data Center and connectivity services can support any business, large or small, in future-proofing their plans and their prosperity.  As businesses get ready to catch the wave, we can provide the best surfboard, with a safety cord on board.”

Paratus Zambia’s brand-new data center (DC) in Lusaka, Zambia provides carrier neutral data management solutions including reliable, cost-efficient virtual and physical hosting solutions, together with a highly sophisticated range of digital and aligned services. The DC was established by Paratus Zambia to complement its corporate internet service offering that has been developed by the company over the past decade.  It is on target and on point to help Zambian businesses to perform at a new and unlimited level. Van Vuuren adds: “Businesses today need unrivalled business grade connectivity and data center solutions.  Our DC is not just another data center in the cloud because, unlike international options, customers have the benefits of being close to their data, which in turn equals lower latency to critical services.  It means they can also engage, face to face, with highly trained technical staff whenever they need to.   Effectively, our service offering to Zambian businesses is a giant ‘on’ button for their future success.”

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