Dunsin Oyekan’s The Outpouring Canada 2023 Worship/Prayer Concert

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Spirit-filled Nigerian gospel minister, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Dunsin Oyekan will once again be hosting the third edition of the worship, prayer and revival concert, The Outpouring. This time, the event is set to be held on Sunday, September 3, 2023, at the Tribute Communities Centre, East Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. With the theme “The Promise is to Everyone.”


Over the past two years, The Outpouring concert aptly named has witnessed massive gatherings of Christians from different denominations in Nigeria and beyond, seeking a deeper connection and communion with God. Through the vision entrusted to the event’s convener, the purpose of The Outpouring has been grand and profound. Igniting a spark of spiritual transformation across the country. 

This year, a spiritual phenomenon of extraordinary proportions is set to unfold in the most populous province in Central Canada. The city of Ontario and its environs will come alive with an intense atmosphere of revival heralding a new era of spiritual reawakening.

Barely 24 hours after the announcement of The Outpouring Canada, the first batch of 5,000 tickets were maxed out. Oyekan took to the concert’s social media pages to announce that more batches of The Outpouring Canada Tickets would be released. To accommodate the ever-growing number of attendees. The town’s religious demographics suggest that the crusade will do well there. Worshipers from all parts of North America, Oshawa, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have equally taken to social media to reveal their anticipation for the event. As well as request for new batch of entirely free tickets.

Guest Ministers at The Outpouring Canada

the outpouring canada

the outpouring Canada

Nigerian gospel minister Nathaniel Bassey will be ministering. Alongside Dunsin Oyekan and other anointed men of God at The Outpouring Canada. Previous events held in Lekki and Kwara state respectively featured guest appearances from renowned music ministers and preachers of the gospel including Bishop Wale Oke, Pst. Poju Oyemade, Apostle Orokpo, Nathaniel Bassey, Elijah Oyelade, Pastor Jerry Eze, Bukola Bekes, Victoria Orenze, etc. 


With a musical journey spanning more than twenty years, Dunsin has given life to songs that carry deep revelations. He’s been a part of choirs, and his role as a music director has added to enriching his musical journey. Beyond just a vocation, his devotion to worship is a full-time commitment. He has five albums so far. The Gospel of the Kingdom, Code Red, The Glory Experience – Songs of Zion, Kingdom Now,  and ‘The Birth of Revival.


Dunsin Oyekan is all about bringing a touch of God’s power and glory to the world. A mission that the Holy Spirit guides him on. Through his music, Dunsin becomes a messenger; his heart beats for Jesus. And with each album, concert, or communion of God’s people, he opens a new chapter of spiritual redemption. Inviting listeners to explore faith and a deeper connection with God. 

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