Ethiopia: Ministry Urges Association to Beef up Quality Service Effort

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The Ministry of Health has recently urged the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) to strengthen contribution to providing quality and equity health service by conducting problem-solving research, offering capacity building training and raising public awareness towards controlling non-communicable diseases.
Opening the Association’s 27th Annual Scientific Conference and General Assembly Meeting the at UNECA Conference Center, Minister Dr. Kesetbirhan Admassu through his representative said that Association’s contribution to the health sector has been showing progress from time to time winning global reputation.
“Besides, it has carried out numerous researches, capacity building activities together with the Ministry, State bureaus, higher learning institutions and other partners. TB, HIV, and immunization are among the major areas the Association has made notable change. Without limiting itself in these areas, the Association is working with the Ministry to ensure quality and standardize health service throughout the nation”, the Minister said.
Noting that the Ministry is focusing on WOREDA transformation, ensuring health service quality and equity, mobilization of creating honest and humble health professionals, addressing good governance problems, rendering holistic and strengthening maternal and child service in the second GTP.
Dr. Kesetebirhan said that the Association is expected to strengthen its contribution by conducting problem solving research and facilitating policy advisory.
Science and Technology State Minister Prof. Afework Kassu on his part said that members of the Association have been contributing greatly in conducting valuable research linked to public health and capable to devise policies, improve community health practices.
Realizing the importance of research for economic growth in the second GTP, the government has increased budget for research and also established a National Research Council which is now undertaking multifaceted activities. As to its mandate, the Ministry supports associations like EPHA that conduct researches, the State Minister said.
Association President Dr. Fekreab Kebede also noted that the focal point of the 27th health conference is attaining universal coverage development goals related to health; opportunities and challenges. Around 300 oral and poster scientific papers will be presented.
The association awarded long-serving, senior researcher and young public health award certificate and trophy respectively to Dr. Asfaw Desta, Dr. Abera Kume and Dr. Belay Teshome. It also awarded Organization for the Development of Women and Children and menschen für menschen for the contribution they made in the area of public health.

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