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Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have recently expressed their strong desire to work together to ensure peace and stability in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East regions.
Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen on Sunday received high level military officials from the UAE who came to share views on regional peace and stability.
It was indicated that the meeting was an extension of the dialogue the Ethiopian side headed by Prime Minister Hailemariam held with UAE’s high level government officials last November in Abu Dhabi.
In the discussion the two sides exchanged views on ways of pacifying the Horn of Africa region in particular Somalia and coordinating efforts of restoring peace and stability in Yemen.
Ethiopia expressed its commitment to ensure stability in the Horn and urged UAE to extend its support in this regard.
The two sides also discussed on ways of collaborating in the fight against terrorism and the UAE delegates appreciated Ethiopia’s success over Al-Shabab militants and affirmed their country’s support for efforts by Ethiopia.
It was learnt that combating the advance of IS in Yemen and East Africa was also among the issues Ethiopia and UAE have agreed on.


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