The First Capital Bank (FCB) in Malawi commemorated this year’s Global Money Week with a digital campaign aimed at sensitizing communities, especially the demographic of young people, on how money affects livelihoods now and across future generations. The program for this year’s Global Money Week was observed from 22-28 March under the theme ‘Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Your Money.

In a bid to provide an effective campaign, the Bank included an interface approach, meeting with students at Bedir International Schools in Blantyre where Bank officials taught the knowledge of money while answering relevant questions on the subject.

Appreciating the interface, Bedir Trust Executive, Thokozani Mbewe, expressed gratitude at the bank’s initiative noting it as an insightful and exciting event.

“We are grateful as a school for the financial literacy initiative conducted by First Capital Bank. The seminar was insightful and very exciting, we look forward to hosting the bank again” he said.

On the Bank’s campaign, First Capital Bank Products Executive, Jodie Chikowi, explained that the country can only be assured of inter-generational robust finance systems and sustainable development when certain steps are put in place to teach younger generations about money.

“As a financial institution, we believe that a good harvest is a result of timely sowing. In this regard, if we want to attain generations of financially literate people then we must impart knowledge about money to the young ones. It is through these efforts that we can build financially literate communities” she said.