Focus on Mauritius: Tourist sites and investments Opportunities

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Years back, when famous author Mark Twain wrote that “God created Mauritius first as an inspiration to create the paradise”, so many people would have wondered what brought about the thought.




Well, the answer is not far fetched because Twain truly saw the beauty, splendour and allure that Mauritius radiates which stands it out among others.




Due to its exceptional natural endowments, a discussion about Mauritius will normally bring up the use of descriptive adjectives to portray the African country whose beauty and hospitality have placed it as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.




Mauritius is highly rated in terms of wildlife tourism, outdoor adventure, fine dining, and luxurious resorts.




In Mauritius, at different fun spots, one is expected to be greeted with sights of rare exotic animals which includes; birds, giant tortoises etc, and opportunities for hiking, horseback riding and kitesurfing among others.




As much as we can continue to describe the beauty called Mauritius, the purpose of this piece is to present a two-in-one discourse to highlight some of the top-rated tourist attractions in the country while also bringing to the fore some of the numerous investment opportunities that abound therein.




One of the leading sectors in Mauritius is its tourism sector and over the years, it has blossomed and contributed massively to the country’s gross domestic product and enhanced its development.




Here are some breathtaking sites to visit when in the beautiful country.




1. Chamarel


The village of Chamarel is the most visited natural site in Mauritius as it is home to the highest waterfall and the famous seven-coloured earth.


The seven-coloured earth of Chamarel is a unique marvel which is composed of distinct colours of dunes while the over 100 meters waterfall ends up in a huge natural pool.




Depending on the climate and the time of day, the land of Chamarel takes different shades due to the cooling land of volcanic origin at different temperatures.




2. Port Louis


When you think of local culture, Port Louis is the place to be on Mauritius island.


The city has some of the most beautiful monuments in the country such as the statutes of some of its founders, the racetrack of Champ De Mars as well as the Aapravasi Ghat, it is a UNESCO-classified World Heritage Site.




Another attraction of Port Louis is its famous lively and colourful market sometimes called the “bazaar” for its active atmosphere.




3. Flic en Flac




Flic en Flac is a small tourist coastal village on the west of Mauritius island.


It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country- the beach of Flic en Flac which happens to be the longest and most spacious beach on the island and it is acclaimed to be one of the most popular tourist sites in the country.




4. Le Morne




This high mountain lake, roughly 1800 feet above sea level, is a sacred Hindu site. The site has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the local belief is that the lake water is holy water from the Ganges River in India.




Mauritius Hindus make a pilgrimage here during Maha Shivaratri, walking from their homes.






Black River Gorges National Park




This is a natural park blessed with dense forestation and is home to over 300 species of plants and shrubs.


The park houses one of the rarest birds in the world, the Pink Pigeon.


To preserve its value, the park is only visited by walk.




These tourist sites mentioned earlier are just few among the many tourist attractions available on the beautiful island of Mauritius which every visitor should endeavour to visit to catch a glimpse of what the island presents.




Away from that, Mauritius is a well-developed nation whose identity does not revolve only on tourism , rather it has other sectors also experiencing growth and contributing meaningfully to development. As a result of its development, the country appeals to foreign investors from across the world.




One of the topmost reasons why Mauritius is appealing to foreign investors is the government regulations that have made it easy for foreigners to move into the country and invest. It’s almost Needless to say, the ease of doing business here is seamless.




Mauritius also has the most open, competitive and lowest tax economies in the world. The foreign investor is allowed to invest in any sector of the economy subject to the provisions of the Non-Citizen Property Restriction Act, 1975.




Based on these, with a business environment that is efficient, transparent and effective, a stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure and a growing economy, investing in Mauritius is now the way to go!




Here are some of the sectors in the country where there abound various investment opportunities that could be tapped into.




I. The Real Estate Sector




Mauritius Non-Citizen Property restriction act generally restricts non-citizens from acquiring real estate but through the Integrated Resort Schemes (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES), non-citizens can acquire luxury properties in Mauritius and gain resident or citizen status subject to conditions.




As a top destination for travellers, tourists and foreign investors; the real estate sector offers great opportunities to many that wish to invest and settle in the country.




The government has also taken some measures to ensure the sector meets up to expectations.




Some of the schemes by the government are designed to guarantee a level of comfort and exceptional service in Mauritius.




The real estate programs are located across the country with the majority located in the vicinity of tourist villages spread around the country.




The government of Mauritius expects that tourists’ and foreigners’ coming into the country will tap into the real estate sector where they will be guaranteed returns on investments.




2. The Financial Services Sector




Investing in Mauritius’ financial sector can be a huge opportunity as the country has a well-developed banking system, and a growing insurance and asset management industry.




The financial services sector is a core part of the Mauritius economy and it contributes about 13.1% to the GDP. A breakdown of this includes 6.6% in banking activities and capital markets, 2.1% in insurance activities and 0.6% in financial leasing and other credit-granting activities.




The fast-expanding Mauritian economy presents a lot of opportunities for investment in banking under the following fields:




i. Global Business Banking


ii. Private Banking


iii. Investment Banking


iv. Islamic banking


v. Treasury services


vi. Trade Finance




3. The Construction sector




The sector has been flagged as one of the drivers of the country’s post covid-19 recovery.


With allocations for infrastructure developments in areas such as transportation and housing, the sector remains an attractive investment destination as it continues to grow its contribution to GDP.




For instance, GDP from Construction increased to 7078 MUR Million in the third quarter of 2022 from 5156 MUR Million in the second quarter of the year opening up the sector for more investments.




The sector requires huge financial private investments to make it grow further as it continues to expand.




This is not to say that there are no investment opportunities in other sectors like agriculture, commerce, and others, rather it points out the core areas where the investment opportunities are high in Mauritius.



As a growing economy, various opportunities will continue to open up in the Mauritian economy to aid its expansion for growth and development. Amid the expansion programme, tourists as well as willing investors can tap into the available opportunities which would not only offer returns on investments but also give a fulfilling sense of belonging to as many that build on it.

Focus on Mauritius: Tourist sites and investments Opportunities

Focus on Mauritius: Tourist sites and investments Opportunities

Focus on Mauritius: Tourist sites and investments Opportunities
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