An ice factory is set to be constructed at Nungua, Krowor Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, under the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture, said the Minister, Mrs. Elizabeth Afoley Quaye who is a Member of Parliament for the Constituency.

“For the sake of Krowor, I want to immediately tell the whole world that we are putting up an ice making factory in Krowor, this is happening now because all the materials needed for the construction of the facility are ready,” she said.

According to the Minister, the factory construction is in partnership with the Korea Overseas Fisheries Association, and also a step of plan of the government’s commitment to boost the Aquaculture industry.

Mrs. Afoley Quaye proclaimed her appreciation to all the country’s fishermen who have involved with the progress of consistent supply of fish all around the country despite the environmental and other challenges that have been faced by the sector, including the periods of climate change.

To this end she urged all fisher-folk to protect the ocean and other water bodies to ensure they reap better rewards from their trade.

Having said that, she included that, the government has identified fish as an essential commodity in the agriculture sector, and have decided to support women in the fishery business by providing them with improved fish-smoking ovens.

“It is important for our water bodies to be safe. Ghanaians must desist from desecrating the sea with plastic waste otherwise we will wake up one day to the painful realization that the perceived, bottomless monumental treasure is gone for good,” Mrs Afoley Quaye warned.