Ghanaians Invade US Army with Their Attractive ‘Jamma’ Culture

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Ghanaians have invaded the US Army with their culture as their traditional singing and dancing popularly called ‘jamma’ has become part of American soldiers’ daily routine on war front.

American soldiers of Ghanaian descent are teaching their native colleagues the African concept of warding off stress and pressure through singing and dancing.

Many Ghanaians have joined the US Army in recent years and some of them have been sent on the war front in countries likes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan while several American military bases are found in Japan, Italy, Germany and many other countries.

The long months away from their families and long hours on combat duty takes a toll on the soldiers bringing in stress and depression which sometimes leads to suicide in the US Army.

Ghanaians have got their traditional way of keeping stress and depression away by singing songs they compose and it is called jamma which is hugely popular in the West African country.

Even their national soccer team the Black Stars have been seen in international competitions singing and dancing to the jamma songs with captain Asamoah Gyan normally leading the side into such songs.

Now Ghanaians in the US Army are teaching their American colleagues this unique African culture to help them ward off stress.

A proud Ghanaian in the US Army Nana Chief Yeboah expressed his pride in their deep rooted African culture despite their recruitment into the American military.

In the inspiring video, the Ghanaian born US soldiers can be heard singing various “jamma” songs resonating mostly with the Ga people in Ghana at their New Jersey training base.

Their colleagues from other countries, predominantly the United States of America are seen clapping and drumming in an attempt to ease up and also learn the African culture.

Source: The Ghana Guardian

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