Mara Corporation Limited (MCL), one of Africa’s leading Business conglomerate, founded by founded by the Ugandan entrepreneur, Ashish J. Thakkar, is set to release its Smartphone line to the African public. The phones which are expected to be low cost, will provide a high quality interface and ensure super-efficiency.

The phones, Mara X and Mara Z manufactured by the conglomerate are expected to be released by the second quarter of the year and are specifically designed to meet the needs of the African market.

In a statement, Mr. Thakkar, who is a recipient of the African Leadership Awards,  said that the company hopes to be a part of the change that mobile technology is bringing to Africa, maintaining that the uptake of mobile money on the continent was tremendous and more development would arise if there is a ready and effective use of mobile technology.

Mr Thakkar who was recently appointed by the AfDB President Dr Akinwumi Adesina to Chair the Banks committee on Job creation and the first African to Chair the UNF’s Global Entrepreneurship Council added that, with the right apps and mobile internet access, jobs can be created and innovation will also experience a boost.

The Mara X will utilize the latest Android operating system (8.0 Oreo) and will come optimized with the Google assistant as part of Google’s Android One program. It will also allow users to access productivity software by Google and has regular security updates and a Google Play Protect; this will ensure that the device is one of the most secured devices available.

The Google Android One Program will ensure a user adaptability, as the software is designed to be smart, secure and exciting to interface with.

The Mara Z will be one of the first devices to run Android Oreo (Go edition), this is an update on the Android Operating system that is optimized for devices with 1GB of RAM or less providing African consumers with quality entry-level smartphone experience.