Amidst the horrors that have ravaged Somalia, a new hope seems to have sprouted up following the fallen regimes and the birth of a new government.

The current government of the new Somalia is in its full efforts to change the Nation’s political system which means independence for Somaliland and Puntland.

Therefore, in order to keep the ball rolling towards achieving a totally dynamic Somalia society, governments and leaders from around the World have gathered together in London today to hold a high-level conference, discussing ways to tackle all the challenges that the country has been faced with in the past years, as well as unforeseen challenges that may arise in future.

Prior to the on-going conference it is important to commend the current government of Somalia for taking up responsibility with an immediate effect having begun to reform the economy and security sector.

Reports have also affirmed that a new relationship between state and citizen is starting to emerge.

To this end, the young and dynamic Somalia has a potential promising future if managed effectively, and in due time all of the chaos will be made history.