Mental Health Reforms, Literacy and Psyco-Social Support in African Communities (MHLPSSAC) is a one-day webinar organized by the African Mental Health Consortium (AMHEC) powered by The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative (MHEI) and other amazing Mental health NGOs/CSOs Professionals and Advocates in Africa; with a Master Class session centered on Mental Health First Aid by African Exerts. The webinar aims to unveil a community joint project to address the issues of mental health reforms in Africa and mental health education at grassroots.

Unquestionably, mental health is fundamental to individual, organizational & national well-being. However, Africa’s mental health statistics are a cause for concern. This is further aggravated by a culture of indifference, denial & evasion. Most African countries have no mental health policies, programs or action plans 34 OUT OF 54.

 Mental health problems appear to be increasing in importance in Africa. Between 2000&2015 the continent’s population grew by 49%,yet the number of years lost to disability as a result of mental & substance use disorders increased by 52%.

A call to the African Government to do more on addressing the issues of mental health reforms, our government needs to improve mental health reforms, mental health investment and its integration into the primary health care centers at the grass root.

We welcome everyone on board as everyone is a critical stakeholder, lets come together to build a mentally healthy society across Africa.