The Government of Kenya has assured its citizens that the relocation of a fibre optic cable along the Nairobi-Mau Summit Road to allow construction of a dual carriageway, will not interrupt internet services.

Commenting on the project which is expected to begin in September and last for approximately six weeks for 240 kilometers, the ICT Principal Secretary, Jerome Ochieng noted that the project is divided into four Sections due to strict timelines, and four companies were contracted to ensure timely completion of the project.

The first phase will see the cables relocated to Naivasha through Mai Mahiu. It will be done by Whitespace Limited. Then, Adrian Limited has been contracted to relocate the cables to Naivasha, but through the Kinungi route. The other phases will see Soliton Tech cover the section from Naivasha to Nakuru while Geonet will take the cables to Mau summit.

Permanently relocating the cables will allow expansion of the two-lane Nairobi-Mau Summit highway into a four-lane dual carriageway which is part of the government’s efforts to ensure all major highways have all utilities including fiber optic cables, sewerage systems and water.

Ochieng explained that one of the key mandates of the ministry is to enhance, and not to disrupt the provision of Internet services and other connectivity countrywide. According to him, once the relocation is complete, the project will continue to deliver socio-economic transformation and help develop a huge information highway from the heart of Kenya to the rest of the country.