The Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF) has assured fans of the game that it is positive the leagues are going to return this year, as disclosed by Babs Ogunade, the Vice-President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, who radiated enough optimism to follow. 

The Basketball league has remained inactive since a misunderstanding ensued between former board members of the league and present board members, eventually leading to an adjudication in court after which most activities were halted.

The last hearing of the Federation was around November 2020 and a date for the final judgement was fixed for this year January on the 26th and the Vice-President of the Federation stated that he was hopeful this would bring an end to the lingering crisis in the NBBF and the league would be continued soon.

“The court cases have hampered the growth of the game but I’m hopeful that this will end soon.

“There are a number of federation activities which would also be unveiled with time, so lovers of basketball in Nigeria can rest assure of a good 2021 for basketball in Nigeria.

“We are waiting until next week when we will see where it leads, but we are hoping that the court will dismiss it so that they will allow us to organise the league and our domestic players will be able to compete again” he said.