This is the time of truths and of forging the way forward through it all for a greater, more prosperous and egalitarian Nigeria.  The stakeholders in a democracy need necessarily to only become an organized force because nature has ordered that they are the greatest balancing factor in the democratic equation everywhere in the world. With more apt organization and integration of stakeholders in the democratic system, they form the neutral bride – the stock of the common pool – the ones that ensure thus that democracy is more benevolent, beneficial and thus must possess a human face in all aspects of governance.

NIGERIAN DEMOCRACY & DEVELOPMENT FORUM is organized and designed to accommodate and advance the dialogue on sustainable development measures, attitudinal change, Inequalities of income and wealth, Weak Private Sector, accountable public sector engagement; the clamouring for restructuring and the quest for oneness.

Area of interests

  • Inter-party relationship
  • Economic Advancement
  • Government Restructuring
  • Youth engagement
  • Post-election crisis management


Participation is open to professionals responsible for developing, influencing and managing democratic development in Nigeria:

  • The most vociferous supporters of the current democratic culture
  • The critics of current democratic culture
  • Leading technocrats and professionals who are unbending, in the middle of the road
  • Public governance sectors and systems:
  • Heads of governments, minister of defence, national security, police affairs and such similar directly implied positions
  • Appointed or elected senior advisers of political leaders, legislators and local chiefs of security within states or provincial governments, Non – governmental sectors
  • Heads of relevant civil society organizations with interests in refugee management and similar humanitarian situations,
  • Heads of emergency public emergency rescue institutions and healthcare facilities or institutions
  • Internal and external donor institutions and organizations as well as development sector partner entities
  • The organized private sectors
  • Representatives of national manufacturers, commercial, markets and/or other similarly indicated organizations
  • Representatives of socio-economic sectors like nationalities conferences and socio-political pressure groups

Forum Theme: “Re-thinking Nigeria’s Unity and Diversity”.
Date: December 5, 2017,
Venue: Rockview Hotel Abuja, Nigeria

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