As we count down towards hosting some of the continent’s finest, business, political and diplomatic leaders in the annual African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year Award, the board, and management of African Leadership Magazine invites nominations from Africans and friends of Africa from across the globe. Do you have an African Hero or heroine? Is he or She breaking or setting records in service to humanity, impacting society, and making our World a better place? Does he or she deserve to be the ideal Person of the Year in their diverse callings – inspiring the future generation of African leaders? Then now is the time to honor them on a global platform.

The African Leadership Magazine, a publication of African Leadership (UK) Limited has opened nomination for the 2018 Persons of the Year in the following categories:

African of the Year 2018

This recognition is open to an African whose actions have greatly impacted the continent positively in the year under review and helped shape his or her immediate society and continues to inspire  hope both locally and globally.

African Female Leader of the Year 2018

This recognition is open to an African woman who has defied the odds, risen above the patriarchal systems in the continent to positively affect the continent or influence women to aspire for excellence in various fields.

ALM Person of the Year 2018 – Educational Development

This recognition is open to an African, whose contribution to the growth of education and deepening knowledge has been outstanding in the year under review. It is also reserved for a stakeholder in the academic environment, whose research or policy contribution has contributed to shaping his or her country’s economic growth and development and by extension Africa.

ALM Person of the Year 2018 – Employment Generation

This recognition is open to an African, whose actions, policies and business has helped in creating jobs for Africans in the year under review

ALM Person of the Year 2018 – Political Leadership

This recognition is open to an African, whose contribution has immensely contributed to deepening democracy and democratic values on the continent.

ALM Person of the Year 2018 – Philanthropy & Charitable Contributions to Society

This recognition is open to an African, who has given more to support a charitable cause, social justice and promote social good.

ALM Young Person of the Year 2018


Criteria: Must be between the ages of 18-38; Young persons of African descent, making a difference globally via diverse sectors such as business, IT, entertainment, sports etc, remaining a positive role model and re-defining creativity, resilience; hard work and ingenuity of the continent’s young people

Nominations are open to Africans and friends of Africa, and nominees can be business, political, or community leaders, who have contributed immensely to Africa and its people development.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be sent via our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, or via email to; hard copy letters/submissions to our UK Head office (The 2018 Selection Committee, African Leadership Magazine, Portsmouth Technopole, Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth PO2 8FA, United Kingdom); Abuja Office at 13 Mambilla Street, Off Aso Drive, Abuja Nigeria or on our website by following this link;

Additional Supporting Documents could include:

  • A nominating letter/Email to the chairman of the ALM Persons of the Year Selection Committee
  • A summary detailing the relevant achievements of the candidate (maximum 2 – 3 pages)
  • A curriculum vitae; and any other supporting documents, links, documents, videos, media coverage, etc

Nominations will be reviewed by the selection committee and the Editorial Board, and a shortlist of nominees would be unveiled after an assessment and verification of claims and submission. Nominations close on Friday, October 26, 2018, at midnight Central African time.