Rwanda: America’s Businessman Endorses Kagame’s Third Term

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It caught everyone’s attention and attracted cheers from the audience, not because it was a new event but rather rare statement no one expected from America’s Businessman and philanthropist, Howard Buffet.

Buffet who was asked during a session on the ongoing World economic Forum on Africa-WEF Africa 2016 in Kigali on Wednesday on whether he supports president’s Kagame’s third term bid said that he sees no problem Kagame going for third term.

The philanthropist said that the bottom line of the whole issue surrounding the third term is not whether president Kagame goes for Third term but rather what the country is benefiting adding , ‘ it’s not about … but substance,

The session chaired by former Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair focused on Rwanda’s relations with Development partnership and mainly looked at Howard Buffet Foundation and the African Governance Initiative-AGI founded by Tony Blair was part of the session on the ongoing World economic Forum on Africa-WEF Africa2016.

The forum that is hosted in Kigali from May 11-13,2016 has brought has brought together over 1,200 business, political, policy making and other leaders to discuss current economic and social issues, problems, ideas and possible solutions and mainly looking at using technology to spur continent’s growth.

The Howard Buffet foundation is involved in several projects in the agriculture sector in the country and has already pumped over U$ 500 million

The approval of the third term came after a referendum that was held in December, 2015 which anonymously voted for the amendment of the constitution mainly the article 101 that allowed president Kagame to run for third term when his official two terms expire in 2017.

The call for third term raised a lot of criticism especially in the international community with many Rwanda’s development partners calling on president Kagame to abandon the third term.

While reacting to the question that was raised by Tony Blair president Kagame continued to insists that he did not ask for third, in instance he said was torn between abounding people’s wish for him to continue running the country or follow his wish to retire 2017.

The President while reacting on the criticism on new year’s eve insisted that the international community should not decide the future of Rwandans and should respect the choice of Rwandans adding that Rwanda and its future belongs to Rwandans.


Source: News of Rwanda

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