Rwanda: Diaspora Students Urged to Channel Skills towards Developing the Country

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Rosemary Mbabazi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth and ICT

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT (MYICT) Rwanda, Rosemary Mbabazi, has told Rwandan Diaspora students to be competitive and think about how to impact communities through implementation of their acquired skills and knowledge.
Mbabazi was speaking to the students after the monthly community service ‘Umuganda’ that took place at Peace and Hope Initiative Nursery School in Kinyinya in Gasabo District.
The Rwanda Youth Forum which brings together Diaspora students and their local counterparts carried out various activities aimed at expanding the nursery School grounds.
“You can do much more to improve the welfare and development of the country. What is most important is good ideas that could impact the community. If you have a good idea and have determination to implementing it, it attracts funding itself,” she said.
The students were part of some 400 students who completed secondary school and participated in this year’s National Civic Education Programme locally known as ‘Itorero ry’Igihugu’.

Supporting the needy
Mbabazi commended Albert Musabyimana, Founder and Country Director of Peace and Hope Initiative that supports the education and welfare of the survivors and their children.
The organisation is made up of heads of child headed families who have been playing the parental role for their younger siblings since their parents’ death in the Genocide. It was created so that their younger siblings can have access to basic needs including a proper education, nutrition and health care.
Musabyimana said Peace and Hope Nursery School currently has the capacity to accommodate 120 children.
“We plan to receive more than 400 children, but this cannot be done overnight,” he noted adding that the school covers education needs of some vulnerable parents free of charge.
Yves Mukiza Zigira, a student of Political Science at Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma, USA said: “As people who study abroad, we want to attain knowledge there so that we come to implement it here in our country,” he said.

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