I am very pleased to pay a state visit to the beautiful Republic of Rwanda at the invitation of President Paul Kagame. I wish to take this opportunity to convey the sincere greetings and best wishes of the Chinese people to the people of Rwanda.

Under the leadership of President Kagame, Rwanda has embarked on a path of development suited to its own realities, achieved long-term social stability and fast economic growth, and is enjoying increasing influence in the region and beyond. As the rotating chairman of the African Union who also leads its institutional reform, President Kagame plays an important role in promoting African cooperation, supporting Africa’s effort to seek strength through unity, advancing peace and development in Africa, and strengthening AU institutions. We extend our congratulations on these achievements.

Despite the distance between China and Rwanda, our two countries and peoples have enjoyed a long tradition of deep friendship. Through 47 years of our diplomatic ties, our relationship has stood the test of time an international vicissitudes, and has enjoyed sound and steady growth. Treating each other with sincerity and as equals, our two sides have made significant progress in the political, economic and people-to-people fields, and enjoyed close communication and coordination in regional and international affairs.

During his visit to China in March 2017, President Kagame and I had friendly and in-depth discussions on China-Rwanda relations and mutually beneficial cooperation. I am pleased to see that, thanks to our joint efforts since then, the shared understandings reached between us are seeing full and effective implementation and delivering tangible benefits to our peoples.

This is my first visit to Rwanda as Chinese President. The fact that President Kagame and I have exchanged visits in a little over a year speaks volumes for the great importance we both attach to our relations.

During my visit, I look forward to further discussions with President Kagame on the development of our relationship in the new era and on regional and international issues of mutual interest. I believe that with the good cooperation of the two sides, my visit will be a full success and bring enormous benefits to our peoples

May the Republic of Rwanda enjoy prosperity and its people happiness and health!

May the friendship between China and Rwanda be passed on from generation to generation!