A group of Rwandan women living in the United Kingdom have recently donated assorted items to over 100 vulnerable women in Remera, Gasabo District Rwanda.
Twenty nine visiting students from Watford Grammar School for Girls in the UK together with their headmistress handed over the items. They included blankets, items needed by expectant mothers and knitting machines.
The women working under Rwanda Sisterhood Association (RSA) have also started training the beneficiaries in knitting to enable them make their own items instead of waiting for donations.
Providence Nyirahabimana, a mother of four said “I am so pleased to meet these people; we have been receiving blankets and kits containing basic items that a pregnant woman needs when she is about to give birth. They always take care of us in many ways. However, I can say that today is special; it’s good to teach someone how to fish than giving him fish. We have been trained how to knit and it’s more useful. We will be making most of the items by ourselves”.
Console Muhawenimana, another beneficiary, said the initiative would ease their challenges.
“Apart from material donations that we receive; one of the most important things I appreciate is the love they have shown me. When someone takes their time and sits with you, it’s something you should value because not all people manage to do so. They counseled and encouraged us which facilitated our healing process and above all re-united us with our families,” she said.
Dame Helen Hyde, the RSA matron and headmistress of the visiting school, noted that it was important to come and equip the mothers with such skills.
“We’ve been donating basic equipments to these mothers, but we felt it wasn’t enough. What I don’t believe in is to come, give money and then you go away; it’s crucial to give someone a skill which will help her even make not only for what she will use but also reserve maybe for sale,” she said.
Helen, however, said it was also important for the school and community to come and learn about Rwanda’s recovery process after the genocide.


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