Somali Prime Minister Sharmarke Appoints 20-Member Cabinet

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Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke has appointed a new council of ministers following extensive consultation with the President, Speaker of the Parliament, Members of Parliament and key stakeholders within the Somali society.

“Today I announce the appointment of the ministers following deliberations with multiple stakeholders. I’m confident in the composition of the council and in their individual and collective capabilities to deliver on the aspirations of the Somali people,” said Prime Minister Sharmarke during the announcement.

He also called on the Members of Parliament to express and extend confidence in the cabinet as they take on the arduous task of implementing key legislative and policy priorities in line with Vision 2016.

“While I do not have the slightest reservation in the capabilities of the new cabinet, I’d like to remind other stakeholders in this process that the task ahead of us is no easy one and the clock is ticking,” stated Prime Minister Sharmarke adding that the goodwill of the Somali people could not be taken for granted.

The list of deputy and state ministers will also be announced shortly with Prime Minister Sharmarke reiterating his administration’s vision to remain in touch with the sentiments of the public, build consensus and make resolute decisions.

“The appointments made tonight are a clear manifestation in our relentless effort to defend public interest, offer a better alternative for the Somali people and firmly etch Somalia on the path of stability and progress,” concluded Prime Minister Sharmarke.

The names of the new Cabinet members are as follows:

1. Mahamed Omar Arte Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Youth, Spopts and Labor

2. Ahmed Hasan Gabobe

Ministry of Justice and Religious Afairs

1. Abdirahman Mahamed Xusein Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs

2. Mahamed Adan ” Fargeti” Ministry of Finance

3. Abdulkadir Sh. Ali Dini Ministry of Defense

4. Abdisalan Hadliye Omar Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5. Kadra Bashir Ali Ministry of Education

6. Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir Ministry of Ports and Marine Transport

7. Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Aynte Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation

8. Nur Farah Hirsi Ministry of Constitutional Affairs

9. Ali Ahmed Jama “Jangali” Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

10. Guled Husein Kasim Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication

11. Ali Hasan Osman Ministry of Agriculture

12. Hasan Ahmed Mudey Ministry of Commerce and Industry

13. Salah Sh. Osman Muse Ministry of Public Works and Reconstruction

14. Sahra Mahamed Ali Samatar Ministry of Women and and Human Rights

15. Mahamed Mukhtar Ibrahim Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

16. Abdirisak Omar Mahamed Ministry of Petroleum, Watar and Mineral Resources and

17. Said Husein Eid Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range

18. Hawo Hasan Mahamed Ministry of Health

Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke

Prime Minister of Somalia

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