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Africa has the world’s youngest population, carrying about 70% of Sub-Saharan Africans under 30. Many young people represent a growth opportunity for the continent, but only if these new generations are fully empowered to realize their full potential.

It is essential to include young people in decision-making and to provide them with appropriate opportunities for work and innovation.

As a result, involving young people in politics and society is more than just a matter of inclusion; it is critical for economic growth, innovation, peace, and security.

The African leadership magazine conducted extensive research and identified the Richest Under 30 in Africa.

This list includes some of Africa’s best and brightest under 30.

It focuses on innovative entrepreneurs, influential creatives, gifted athletes, and techies who shine a light on Africa’s growth in a pandemic era and consciously shift the narrative in their unique ways.

Elsa Majimbo

She is a Kenyan comedian, social media influencer, and brand ambassador born on June 29, 2001.

She is best known for her hilarious Instagram videos, which went viral during the Covid 19 quarantine period. Majimbo has won 15 chess championships.

She stated on Netflix’s “Strong Black Lead” about her chess journey that she began playing by accident as early as 14 and that her father took her to every chess game after she won her first tournament.

Majimbo is a Fenty, and MAC Cosmetics endorsed brand ambassador. She has also collaborated with the luxury label Valentino. Her net worth is estimated to be one million dollars.

Fatima Babakura

Timabee is an accessories brand that “redefines luxury in Africa and beyond,” it was founded, CEO, and designed by Babakura.

Her keen eye for design, curiosity, and desire to imagine and bring to life a product inspired her to launch Timabee.

Babakura founded the company during her first year of university in Canada. She had created a “simple handbag” and given it as a gift to a close family friend.

She had no idea it was that good.

But, keeping with her “curious” theme, she set out to find a manufacturer to make this bag.

As a result, she conducted a simple Google search, which led her to Alibaba, where she discovered a company willing to make her a sample for $150 in December 2013.”

Babakura, 17, set out to spend the $150 she received from her parents’ pocket money, which she lost because she interacted with a fraudulent vendor and had no idea”.

She was unaffected by the loss of money. Instead, she was determined to find someone else to make her bag, but this time she was much more cautious and did her homework on the company.”

One of Timabee’s most significant achievements came in 2021. Her brand was approved by award-winning American artist and businesswoman Beyoncé.

Dr. Brett Lyndall Singh

Brett Lyndall Singh began his career as a vocational trainee at Greys Hospital in 2010. He moved to China in 2011 and enrolled at Wenzhou Medical University to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

During the initial COVID-19 outbreak, he was recruited to a particular anti-pandemic task force unit that worked on establishing the clinical protocol for five infected Pediatric Patients; those protocols were shared with various governments to help prepare for the pandemic and earned him an honoree at the China national COVID-19 Commendations Ceremony presided over by President Xi Jinping, being one of two African Doctors acknowledged and the only one from Africa.

He is now the Pediatric representative for the Healthcare Leaders Roundtable of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

Oluwadamilola Apampa Owolabi (Dammy Twitch)

Dammy Twitch, also known as Apampa Owolabi Oluwadamilola, is a Nigerian music video director.

He is well known for directing music videos for Nigerian artists such as Davido, Zlatan Ibile, and Teni.

His net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

Nneji, Anthonia C. A.

Chinasa, whose ancestors were traditional carvers and masquerade carriers, is one of the young ladies making a name for themselves in the arts.

“My grandfather carved totems for traditional worship. My father was also a carver, but I didn’t know him much because he died when I was a baby. But I still have some walking sticks, figurines, and others that he did,” she told one of the international news platforms.


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