As a result of the civil war which began in December 2013 in South Sudan, thousands of the people have been displaced, many have died, and the country is plagued with an acute famine. This has caused the country’s economy to fold.

The continued war situation in South Sudan has aggravated the food insecurity already in existence in the country. Although the famine has ceased in two other states; Mayendit and Leer, the National Bureau of Statistics Chairman Isaiah Chol Aruai told reporters Wednesday that over 6 million of the population will be in acute famine this month and next, compared with 5.5 million in May.

“Even though no county has been declared under famine, the situation continues to be very critical,” Aruai said.

While some parts of the country have been able to control this decadence, other parts of the country still struggle to fight famine and are yet to break away from this plague.

Officials hope that in no time all counties in the country will effectively manage the situation in order to reduce alarming death rates.