UK-Africa Partnerships for Shared Prosperity
London Hilton on Park Lane, London, UK.
14 June 2018

6:30 pm



As some parts of the world are experiencing marginal increase in population growth, and others a decrease in numbers, Africa is however not following in this pattern, as the continent is now home to about 1.2 Billion people, with further projected increase in the near future, according to the United Nations Populations Division. Of this number, about 50% are between the ages of 15-24. However, though the continent is home to the world’s largest population of young people and still growing, jobs are not growing at commensurate rate. This summit therefore seeks to galvanize further conversations centered on tested strategies, policy frameworks and intentional plans aimed at creating jobs for the continent’s young people and indeed befit all society. Unemployment and poverty are two of the main factors providing ready army for terrorists, human trafficking, amongst other vices, hence the need to have this all important conversation. This summit will among other things help to shape discussions on Africa’s entrepreneurship and job prospects for the next 10 years and also expose delegates to bold ideas and initiatives that have worked.

Key Event Components:

  • African Business & Investment Round Table
  • Top 50 African & Afro Caribbean Leaders in the UK Showcase
  • Gala Awards & Dinner

Click to view the full list of the Top 50 African & Afro Caribbean Leaders in the UK.


    To help evolve home grown solutions for Africa’s unemployment and industrialization dilemma. 

    To promote an exchange of tested ideas, projects, research results, and findings that can help African governments, parliaments and business leaders to sustainably createmore jobs in the continent

    To provide a platform of opportunities for participants to undertake peer review;  also meet face to face with renowned experts, development economists, academics, and development partners to establish global partnerships for assistance and collaborations, for the growth of entrepreneurship and job creation in the continent.

1)    High-level panels and Keynote Presentations
2)    Interactive Sessions
3)    Ideating sessions
4)    Experts Knowledge Sharing Session
5)    Unrivaled Networking Opportunities


Target Audience

  • Business Leaders
  • UK and African cabinet Ministers,
  • Parliamentarians from National and State Assemblies
  • States & Regional Governors
  • Local Government Administrators
  • Members of the Development sector
  • Youth Leaders & Influencers
  • UK & African Business Leaders

Interested in Attending
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