Tunisia Explores Opportunities to Develop Its Renewable Energy Sector

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In collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Tunis, the Tunisian-Danish Chamber of Commerce recently organized an information webinar on the opportunities of the green energy sector in Tunisia with more than 20 Danish operators in the field of renewable energies taking part at the event.

The event, which was virtual, was hosted by Danish Ambassador Vanessa Vega Saenz, the President of the Tunisian-Danish Chamber of Commerce, Mehdi Ben Abdallah, and representative of the Tunisian Embassy in Denmark, Wissem Boudriga. It presented an opportunity for participants to get first-hand knowledge of the Danish experience in the green transition, as well as the opportunities available in Tunisia’s renewable energy sector.

In attendance were senior officials from the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, the Tunisian Investment Authority (TIA), and the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) who got to familiarize themselves with the operation of the energy sector in Denmark, a country which is a world leader in the field with efforts channelled towards a full transition of its national energy system to climate neutrality by 2050.

Denmark’s energy structure impressively marks it out as one of the world’s leading countries in terms of renewable energy consumption and wind power production per capita, greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy efficiency, waste recycling, and smart grids. The representatives of the Danish companies were intimated on the investment environment in Tunisia, particularly concerning the vision and strategy of the country towards its energy transition with short and long-term benefits in consideration.

Tunisia’s ambition is to ensure, at least, a 30% production of its electricity from renewable energies by 2030 and to accelerate its energy transition to cater to national needs.

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