Tuskys Gigantic sale surpasses retailer’s targets

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The growth in footfall, Githua said, has also reflected positively on the retailer’s average basket value which has also grown tremendously.

Speaking when he presented a mid-term report to the retailer’s operations management team, Githua disclosed that the firm had booked sales worth more than Sh430 million so far.

“The performance indicates that the retail sector is gaining back its shine with more and more customers coming through our doors for their daily needs and also taking advantage of Tuskys Gigantic Sale,” Githua said and added that, “As the leading local retailer, we are also stepping up our game to ensure that we maintain market leadership by providing a superior customer experience.”

In the rare performance disclosure by a local retailer, Githua said the crockery had emerged as the top performing category driven by a high sales Luminarc range of plates and tumblers. “On this category, plates worth more than Sh48million were sold in 5 days while our Mavazi Lifestyle Clothing Departmental store has also performed very well with more than 24,000 pieces of Jack & Jones Cotton T-shirts selling out,” Githua said

In the household category, customers have been snapping up door mats retailing at Sh200/= with more than 42,000 pieces already sold.

The Tuskys Gigantic Sale, features sales discounts of up-to 50% and has also received the support of leading suppliers keen to further deepen the local formal retail trade market.

In the Tuskys Gigantic Sale, running through to September, customers are enjoying attractive discounts on a range of customer preferred, genuine electronics, furniture, clothing and other high value goods with customers also enjoying an opportunity to redeem their accumulated Tuskys loyalty points at 200% the current face value.

Tusker Mattresses which operates Tuskys Supermarkets and Mavazi Lifestyle clothing stores has adopted competitive strategies to shake off competition from local and multinational retail operators.

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