Vote to End Shutdown Ignites Anger.

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Dreamers feel disappointed by the vote to end the shutdown as it proves the Democrats’ support is just a show and does not fully pull through. Following the announcement of the U.S President to end the DACA program which resulted in the government shutdown, the recent vote to re-open government accounts for a compromise on the part of lawmakers.

Dreamers doubt the promises made by the Republicans due to previous promises failed. Jim Manley, a former top Democratic congressional aide, warned that the three-day shutdown could be repeated if the bitterness over immigration is not diffused. Dreamers do not want promises but action as they have gotten enough public and private assurances that their protections will be extended.

Although they not satisfied with the end of the shutdown, it further proves the level of concern that the US government display towards them. Some Democrats argued that McConnell had offered no new concessions on immigration, others regretted giving up the leverage they believed they had in the government spending talks, saying that, they simply didn’t trust him — or his party — to follow through since he did not make a commitment.

Mr Schumer said MC Connell now had three weeks to work on a bipartisan immigration bill or face another showdown on government funding, in addition to a breached trust of not only the democratic senators but members of his own party as well.

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