The appointment of more than one deputy minister for some ministries by President Edgar Lungu has continued to be highly topical with the Foundation for Democratic Process joining the discourse.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said the move was a waste of resources and just meant to reward some party supporters for their role in the campaign.

Chipenzi said the act went against the wishes of the Zambian people who had demanded a lean cabinet over time.

He said that deputy ministers hardly had any significant role when they could not even stand in for their superiors when there was a crisis or the ministers travelled out on other duties.

“This whole move of appointing two deputy ministers is meant to pay back people that campaigned for him during elections,” Chipenzi said.

“You cannot say we need more deputy ministers because they do not even do anything and besides the PF had been preaching a lean cabinet when they were campaigning.”

President Edgar Lungu on Tuesday swore in 29 deputy ministers with more for the ministry of finance yet to be appointed raising concern over the long debated issue of a bloated government.


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