Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF’s extraordinary Congress is to be held today, marking the beginning of a new era for the nation under a new regime.

While addressing the 107th Central Committee meeting in Harare ahead of today’s Congress, President Mnangagwa said the assembly should make far-reaching decisions to change people’s lives.

Mnangagwa chaired his first ZANU-PF politburo meeting on Wednesday in the country’s capital. The meeting marked the official start of proceedings ahead of the extraordinary congress set for Friday.

The last time the politburo met (in November), it expelled then Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa. This time, Mnangagwa chaired the powerful gathering as President.

He is set to officiate the ZANU-PF extra-ordinary congress on Friday. 6000 party delegates are expected to meet. The Congress which was billed for 6 days was cut to 3 and its budget has also been slashed from 8 million to 3 million, signalling President Mnangagwa’s intent to reduce spending.

Three items are on the agenda – to confirm Emmerson Mnangagwa as party leader, to endorse him as its candidate in next year’s presidential election and to ratify resolutions passed by the central committee, including the expulsion of former first lady Grace Mugabe and the reinstatement of all members expelled since 2014.

The congress is expected to heal the previously fractionally riven party. Under Mnangagwa’s leadership, ZANU-PF is seeking win over the electorate by reviving the economy and improving social service delivery.