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At the invitation of President Muhammadu Buhari, President Jacob Zuma will be accompanied by at least six members of his cabinet when he heads to Nigeria for a two-day state visit on March 8.
“During the State Visit, President Zuma is expected to address the Joint Session of the National Assembly of Nigeria, and will, together with President Buhari, address the South Africa-Nigeria Business Forum,” a Presidency statement said.

South Africa and Nigeria have good bilateral political, economic and social relations, underpinned by strong historical ties dating back from the years of the liberation struggle. The two countries conduct their bilateral relations through a structured Bi-National Commission (BNC) established in 1999

“To date‚ there are over 120 South African companies doing business in Nigeria in various sectors‚ including telecommunications‚ aviation‚ tourism‚ banking‚ property‚ retail‚ entertainment and the fast food‚” it said.
“With its large population and vast natural resources‚ especially oil and gas‚ Nigeria is South Africa’s key trading partner on the continent‚ providing significant opportunities for its exports and investments and is ranked seventh in terms of South Africa’s total trade in Africa.”
Zuma will be accompanied on March 8 and 9 by the ministers of international relations‚ defence‚ trade and industry‚ home affairs‚ energy‚ and mineral resources‚ as well as a South African business delegation.


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