19 year old Nigerian Harvard student recognized, commended by president Obama

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19 year old Nigerian Harvard student Saheela Ibraheem has been recognized as one of the World’s 50 smartest teenagers in 2015. Saheela, a neurologist undergraduate in Harvard was invited to the White house where she met with the Obamas who celebrated her great feat last Thursday Feb. 26th. She was one of those celebrated by the US government to mark ‘The Black History Month”.

Saheela got admitted into the Ivy League school at the age of 15 and at the time of her admission was also offered a letter of acceptance by 13 other top colleges in the United States, including six Ivy League institutions. She however chose Harvard, making her one of the youngest students to ever attend the university. Saheela will be graduating in May this year.

President Obama while celebrating her described her as a wonderful lady.

“There are a lot of teenagers in the world. Saheela is like one of the 50 smartest ones. That’s pretty smart. And she’s a wonderful young lady. She’s like the State Department and the National Institute of Health all rolled into one. And we are so proud of your accomplishments and all that lies ahead of you. And you reflect our history. Young people like you inspire our future.” he said

According to Saheela, passion is what’s made her attain such academic feat.

“If you are passionate about what you do, and I am passionate about most of these things, especially with math and science, it will work out well,” she said

According to her mother, Saheela had always been independent as a child and had never wanted anyone to help her with her homework

“She’s like always independent. I never get to help with her homework because she’d say ‘it’s my work mommy, not yours.’ she said

Congrats to Saheela…

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