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Spotlighting Senegal’s Thriving City of Art, Music, and Sun-Kissed Beaches

Pulsating with energetic culture, rich history, and breathtaking natural beauty, Senegal, the westernmost nation in Africa, offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to the soul of the traveler..

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Initiatives Addressing Youth Unemployment in Africa’s Rapidly Growing Population

As Africa’s population continues to surge, the pressing issue of youth unemployment demands innovative and effective job creation strategies. To achieve sustainable development, the continent is witnessing a transformation in.

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New Music Friday: A Harmonious Blend of African Sounds

The music industry is currently abuzz with the release of DJ Spinall’s latest single, “One Call,” featuring Omah Lay and Tyla. This collaboration has garnered significant praise for its fusion.

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Cross-Border Art Exhibitions Showcasing African Talent

Art is an important tool of expression that has been used over the years, to tell stories and promote ideologies across cultures. Throughout history, it has preserved narratives and offered.

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Access Bank joins forces with NGX to launch the Revolutionary Impact Board

Lagos, Nigeria, July 18, 2024: In a landmark move for sustainable finance in Nigeria, Access Bank Plc, a leader in sustainability-driven finance, has partnered with the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX).

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How Nigeria Plans to Bridge Budget Shortfalls

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, faces fiscal challenges exacerbated by global economic volatility, internal economic reforms, and socio-political pressures. President Bola Tinubu’s recent proposal to the Senate highlights Nigeria’s ongoing efforts.

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African Women in Parliament: A Slow Progress?

The winds of change are blowing across the African continent, but within the hallowed halls of parliament, progress for women has remained a slow process. Despite decades of advocacy and growing.

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Women in African Sports: Hurdles Broken, Victories Won

As the world celebrates progress in promoting gender equality, the African continent is witnessing increased participation and success of women in sports. From trailblazing athletes to pioneering leaders, women are.

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