Botswana: Women Urged to Attain Aspirations

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Women from all walks of life have been urged to never give up in their quest to better their socio-economic status.

The call was made recently by CEDA’S Client Service Centre Manager Ms. Oguafi Tafa for Kanye branch during a Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA) empowerment workshop in Kanye.

Ms. Tafa said with an array of citizen empowerment programmes to choose from there was virtually nothing that should stop Botswana women from dreaming on to attain their aspirations.

She emphasised self-belief as a good quality that every Botswana woman who wants to make it in life should possess.

“You should first believe in yourself and your business concept before taking it out to potential sponsors and buyers,” she said warning women to stop quitting prematurely amidst challenges.

She regretted that a lot of women with potentially viable business concepts easily give in because they have been asked by financiers to produce supporting documents that act as indicators of the viability of proposed projects.

Citizen Economic Development Agency (CEDA) offices she added are open to women who harbor the ambition to leave their footprints in the business world and hearts of fellow citizens.

For her part, Women Economic Empowerment Officer, Ms Maipelo Mogatwane challenged women to come forth to solicit programs offered by the department of Gender Affairs.

Project range sponsored by her department include among others; service provision companies, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and are awarded up to P300 000 grant.

Giving a word of encouragement, Ms Tshegofatso Lekone shared other speakers’ sentiments and encouraged fellow Christian women to take advantage of government programs to emancipate themselves and families from the shackles of poverty


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