Ambassador of Youth and Sports in the Gambia, Mr Oko Drammeh has begun plans towards a grand and spectacular performance by the country’s and foreign artists to celebrate the country’s 53 years of nationhood, with the various performances geared towards improving infrastructure in music, dance and theatre.

“This will help us greatly and it will provide a platform for our artists to showcase their talents and strengthen bilateral relations between countries in the sub-region through artistic work and help develop the arts and culture industry”, he said.

He also stated that the event will promote jobs and the income earnings of the youth, improve their quality of training and stimulate them on national development through leveraging opportunities in the media, entertainment and creative arts, and that they will be able to nurture the talents and skills of the country’s talented ones; that the youth constitute more than half of the nation’s population and are the future leaders.

He further added that “Soto Koto” has decided to enlist their services and support the youths and culture of the country through the use of capacity to stage a series of events which will be held in the city of Banjul this year; these events will serve as a means to create a music scene and art populace in Banjul which will lead to the promotion of jobs and income for the youths within the city.

Emphasizing that over the next five years, he will focus on improving the infrastructure in Music, Dance and Theatre within the length and breadth of the country, whilst continuing to work on improving the quality of training for youths.