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As part of efforts to expand ICT knowledge in Kenya, some 11,000 schools have been identified for the pilot program of the integration of Information Communication Technology in teaching and learning by September this year.

The remaining 12,901 schools earmarked for this program will also be integrated by March next year.

Ronoh Kipronoh Director of programmes and standards ICT Authority said the digital content for class 1 and 2 is ready for use adding that the content for the other classrooms will be ready by June next year.

Kipronoh said there is need to integrate ICT in the educations system so that teachers are able to communicate effectively with the students.

“The digital literacy program is not about politics, this program is there to stay. This will enable as well as expose the students in lower primary acquire ICT knowledge.”

The Director stated that so far they have trained 62,000 teachers (3 teachers from each school) under the digital literacy program and are planning to take in 25,000 more teachers next month. He also said that head teachers need to spearhead the programs in their schools by coming up with a utilization plan to ensure efficient and adequate use of computer devices and projectors in ICT learning.

“Learners in the lower primary (class 1-3) shall be exposed to the digital devices at least 5 hours per week,” noted Kiprono adding that, “Teachers too will be issued with devices which are to be used by all staff members of the school.”

He also said that in preparation for the program, 22,054 primary schools have been connected to electricity out of 23,951, while 3709 are connected to solar power.

In the same vein, Education PS Belio Kipsang stated that integration of ICT into the education curriculum is of essence as it will ease the learning process.

He also stated that the Ministry of Education will be releasing Sh1 billion to adequately prepare schools for the digital literacy program to be commissioned in June next year.

The Ministry of Education together with the Ministry of ICT hopes to commission the digital literacy program by June next year



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