With the World gradually moving into an era of technology, Kenya is aiming to lead the drive to put sub-Saharan Africa at the top on the list of technologically developed nations in the World.

The country in statement by the Regional Manager, Education Industry Sub Saharan Africa for Microsoft, Warren Fleur said that the country’s digital literacy learning programme will ensure that that learning ICT will produce the right kind of innovators that the continent needs.

He described students from Africa as a collection of youths with the ability to collaborate, think differently and compute in a productive manner to achieve great results. For him, he sees Africa as a necessary part to solving most of the World’s issues with technology designed from citizens of the continent.

The Kenyan government’s approach to education is part of how the country has been able to stand out in terms of advancing ICT. Curriculums in schools have been adapted to now use technology in the classroom to spark innovation in the minds of students and this will help to create interest amongst these growing minds.

In his statement, Mr Warren also encouraged parents to ensure that their kids receive the necessary drive in order for them to produce the best results. He says that trying to imagine how technology will be by 2030 or the kind of jobs created then might give parents more insight to what the children can achieve.

Speaking for Microsoft, the Regional Manager said that its showcase schools where established to serve as good places for teaching practices and support the generating of innovative ideas with great content for the school, country and the World.