uhuru kenyattadh

President Uhuru Kenyatta has recently pledged to make secondary and primary school education absolutely free within five years.
Mr Kenyatta said that his biggest objective was to ensure total equity and accessibility to education for every Kenyan child.
“No parent should have to dig into their pocket to educate their child. That should be the responsibility of the government,” said President Kenyatta after a church service at Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls’ High School in Nyeri.
President Kenyatta also said that his government will continue to support education by putting more resources to institutions of learning with priority being placed on National schools which have carried the burden of admitting students from different parts of the country.
“We want our young men and women to be equipped with tools to be globally competitive,” he said of his administration’s push for digital learning.
He urged the students to emulate women cabinet secretaries who he said have contributed to the success of his government.
“It is very clear the value that women have in the social economic development of any country. Don’t look at the problems of the day, why don’t you look at the future and the potential that the future holds,” he said.


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