A social enterprise in Liberia, J-MO Global, has announced the development of affordable software with the capacity to digitize high school and university students’ records from being paper-based to being domiciled online.

The software is known as the School Management System, and it has a strong potential to increase paperless transactions, improves parents-teachers collaboration and enhances teacher’s efficiency to deliver lessons in the classroom.

With the application of the software, schools can significantly reduce high administrative costs on printing report cards, grade sheets, information sheets, among other costs usually borne by educational institutions. Additionally, the use of the software guarantees a shared benefit system to parents, teachers, and students.

Created by the firm’s staff comprising of young Liberians with quality skills in information technology in areas such as software, information systems design, data and analytics, providing the software is in line with the innovation, digitization, and digitalization services that the firm has embarked on.

Parents of students in High Schools can use the School Management System to monitor the behavior and academic progress of their children from their homes or offices by with a click using mobile and technological devices. The software also promises enhanced communication allowing parents to receive updates from a school via email or text regarding activities at the school and tuition payment schedules.