Liberian Politicians Forge Alliances Ahead of 2017 Polls

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Liberia’s Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan has offered his perspectives on the upcoming 2017 Presidential and General Elections, stating that he foresees what he termed “alignments and re-alignments” of positive forces.

Minister Ngafaun said as 2017 approaches he is bubbling with hope as he foresees positive political forces aligning regardless of political stripe, county or tribal differences, social or economic as well as age or other differences.

The Liberian Foreign Minister predicted what he believes will be a great victory for Liberia and Liberians in the 2017 presidential elections.

Speaking at the Induction Ceremony of Officers -Elect of the Union of Liberian Organizations in the United Kingdom (ULO – UK), Minister Ngafuan outlined critical and important suggestions that Liberian voters should consider as they determine the next leadership of the country in 2017.

He wants the decision as to who should lead Liberia to be “approached with the same level of soberness and level-headedness that must be demonstrated by a football team coach when determining which one of his players should take a penalty kick called by the referee in the 89th minute of a crucial final match which had been tied at 0-0. At this point, the name, the height, the age, religion, the county, the tribe of the person to be selected by the coach will not matter. The only thing that would matter to the coach is, which one of the players is best suited to convert this glorious opportunity into a goal,” Minister Ngafuan told an excited audience.”

The former student leader and former Finance Minister wants the Liberians elect a goal-getter, someone with a solid record of performance. Minister Ngafuan urged Liberians to take cue from the record of service or achievement in whatever previous capacities presidential aspirants might have served the country by asking whether they were goal-getters or achievers in those previous capacities.

“What type of achievement record do they have? Achievements for Liberia and Liberians or achievements for themselves, their families or cronies?” He asked.

He recommended that Liberians should elect a nationalist as their next leader and be circumspect of aspirants who would “wrap themselves up primarily in county, tribal, religious or some other flag instead of wrapping themselves up primarily in the Liberian flag.”

The Foreign Minister said while he could not discount factors such as regional or county background in the 2017 presidential elections, he however, cautioned Liberians to be careful or else the 2017 presidential elections would be transformed into “a political county meet.”

Minister Ngafuan also called on Liberians to microscope the entire political, professional and personal history of contenders for the leadership of the country.

He told the UK gathering that as Liberia goes to 2017, Liberians will see and hear many things aimed at marketing one presidential candidate or the other, but urged Liberians to unmask presidential contenders in order to see them for what they truly are.

“The crucial question the voters must ask is not, “Who the presidential aspirant appears to be today, but who he/she really is?” We should remember that for the sake of winning elections, even a wolf can behave like a sheep and a leopard can produce pictures of himself/herself wearing a Colgate smile while hugging babies. For the sake of winning elections, individuals who have natural disdain for ordinary people will visit places like West Point, Sonniwein, Buzzi Quarters, etc in order to distribute largesse”, he remarked.

He said it is the duty of voters to unmask these masqueraders and see them for what they truly are.

Meanwhile, Minister Ngafuan is also urging Liberians to support aspirants with proven track record of integrity and patriotism, stating that as simple as these qualities are, they are fast become scarce commodities in the Liberian political marketplace.

“As we go towards the future, a future pregnant with untold challenges and vicissitudes, what Liberia will need more are honest leaders with unshakable and undying love for country; leaders who will place the interest of country first and foremost; and above all, leaders who have the moral strength to choose to lose political elections instead of compromising their core values and stabbing the interest of Mama Liberia”, he concluded his remarks to a cheering London crowd.

At the same time, Minister Ngafuan has inducted all the officers-elect of ULO-UK, including the first female Chairlady, Mrs. Evelyn Duke Deshield. He reminded Mrs. Deshield to “always remember that people’s expectation of delivery and performance is no less for a female leader than it is for a male leader.”

He then urged her to do her best as that is the only way to live up to the expectations of those who voted her to head the community organization. Minister Ngafuan also extended unreserved thanks to the out-going Chairperson of the ULO-UK, Mr. Prince Taylor for his selfless and distinguished service to the organization and Mama Liberia.

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