Malawi: Diaspora Hosts First Ever Malawi Talent and Business Expo

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The Malawi Manchester Association is a group of Malawians living the United Kingdom and have announced that the group will be organizing the first ever Malawi Talent and Business expo.

The chairperson of the group, Tamanda Chisambo made the announcement and said that the group will use the event to bring together Malawian talents from the city and create an avenue for them to network with Malawian entrepreneurs.

On the programme lineup, the event is expected to showcase presentations from musicians, comedians, dancers and motivational speakers.

In a statement, Chisambo said “we have a lot of Malawians in the Britain of all ages who have great talent, as well as successful upcoming and established businesses. What we noticed was that not many people have a platform to showcase these gifts”.

The vision behind organizing the expo is bring Malawians and those with a connection to Malawi together under one roof where they can spend time to socialize, network, support each other and get to know the talent pool.

The Malawian Manchester Association was formed five years ago with the aim of bringing Malawians in the city of Manchester together, with the expo being the first time the group is mixing the talent show with a business expo.

A legal firm, Crown Law Solicitors and technology firm, Wimpo Telecom are among the Malawian owned businesses expected to feature at the expo alongside veteran singer, Emma Masauko and UK X-Factor’s participants, Goodson and Charity Saiwala.

Winston Mponda, an entrepreneur has also commended the Malawi Manchester Association for the initiative and added that “it is time we set platforms to promote Malawian owned businesses and talent”.

The event is to hold at the Langdon House, Norman Road, Rusholme, Manchester on February 24 2018, with Malawian deejays Hannie G and DJ Forbes keeping the crowd entertained.

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