The “Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET)” exercise for by the United States Special Forces for the Mozambican marines has just concluded and they are now prepared to go into combat against the Islamist terrorists operating in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, a press release from the US embassy in Maputo confirms.

Present to commemorate the event, which represented the first time in 20 years since the last JCET exercise in Mozambique, was the Defence Minister, Jaime Neto, and US ambassador Dennis Hearne. A statement released from the US Embassy, citing Hearne, read that:

“This training program represents the strengthening relationship between the United States of America and the Republic of Mozambique.

“As I witnessed the impressive battlefield skills during a demonstration at the training facility, I was proud of the work our countrymen were able to accomplish together”

The Mozambican marines were trained for two months by the US Special Operations Forces on tactical skills, combat casualty care, marksmanship, and executing a mission while avoiding damage to civilians and property. The released statement underscored the USA’s commitment to supporting anti-terrorism measures in Mozambique.

“This training exercise reflects the United States Government’s commitment to supporting the Government of Mozambique’s efforts to defeat ISIS with a holistic strategy that includes socio-economic development, community resilience programs, and security assistance.

“The United States prioritizes the respect for human rights, protection of civilians, and engagement with civil society in all components of U.S. security assistance. They are foundational to effectively counter the Islamic State in Mozambique” it read.