Drone Africa Service, a drone business in Niger is looking to expand the scope of its service and operations across the African continent. Owned by Abdoulaziz Kountché, an entrepreneur and the grandson of General and former Nigerien leader Seyni Kountché, the company designs drones which are used by different companies and entities for a variety of tasks. Its founder maintains the hope that the company’s services will soon include the transportation of objects.

Explaining the use of the drones produced, Abdoulaziz said:

“These are drones that are dedicated to mapping, particularly in the context of risk and flood management, but also for agriculture, and we hope soon to be able to use them to transport objects”

The production center for these drones is the capital of Niger, Niamey, but the acquisition of some hi-tech materials, such as cameras, come from abroad.

In Abdoulaziz’s explanation, he said:

“Everything that makes the drone operational is really designed here in Niger: the models, the drawings, the plans…

“What we bring from abroad would be everything that is resins, polymers since these are products that cannot be found here.”

The possible use of these drones extends to monitoring remote areas plagued by insurgents and providing security coverage when applied. Drone Africa Service supplies widely and is designing drones for companies in Mali, Benin, and Burkina Faso, and it is the founder’s ambition to train more designers and to create a Drone Academy within the year.