The Japanese government has recently handed over the newly built processing plant located in Oyo state over to the farmers of the region. The facility has also been fitted with a set of palm fruit and cassava processing machine for the recipient farmers to use and is located at Akinyele Local Government Area to aid in the processing of palm fruit and cassava produce.

It is the hope of the Japanese embassy that the processing plant will be of great assistance to the farmers in that area and help to improve agriculture and productivity in Akinyele L.G.A. It is also the hope of the embassy that a stronger regional economy as well as an amicable relationship will exist between japan and Nigeria, which will lead to the development of more projects.

The facility was received with thanks by the Ifeoluwa Farmers’ cooperative who expressed their joy with the construction of the plant.

Construction of the processing plant cost the government the sum of US$61,517 with the Christian Broadcasting Network Africa serving as an implementing partner on the project.

Taking a review of the GGP scheme, 160 projects with a total amount of over US$11 million have been implemented throughout Nigeria since 1998. These projects have met diverse needs and have brought about a direct impact on the well-being of grass-roots communities.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP) is designed to provide financial grant assistance to non-profit organizations seeking to implement developmental projects at the grass-roots level. Today, the GGP is a Japanese assistance scheme well-known for its swift and pro-poor approaches in this country.